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Sarawak Malay Court control family affairs based on Legal regulations Malay Court Sarawak 1915 and the alteration is 1956,that there is some weakness in the act. In 1978, shari'a Court was established under the Sarawak Islamic Judicial Council.

On 1 March 1985, the Law Order 1985 has been enforced. Upon the concern of  the Sarawak State Government  in  effort to actually enhancing the position and dignity of  Islam, syariah court administration of the Council had been separated  from the State Islamic Council.

Therefore On 2 October 1990  Justice Department Sarawak shari'a was established On 14 May 1991, the state has passed 6 stimulus bill -- i.e.; 

  • The ordinance of the Syariah Court
  • The ordinance The Crime Procedure
  • The ordinance of The Civil Procedure
  • The ordinance of the Sharia Crime
  • The ordinance of the family Islamic law
  • The ordinance of the Islamic law Description

On 1st  September 1992, these six the ordinance was narrated, it was done somewhat differently. The Ordinances of the 1991 has been amended on 27 December 2001 and has been enforced starting from  1 December 2004.

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